Original Paper(Vol.57 No.1 pp.77-82)

Development of Novel Geo-Material Using Rubber-Elasticity of Scrap Tire


Abstract:The purpose of this study is to develop a new geo-material using recycled scrap tire. In this study, triaxial compression test with X-ray CT scanning was conducted for the material of treated soil mixing with tire chips and cement. The material of tire chips can be realized as an elastic property and in order to evaluate the effect of the property of tire chips in the soil, treated soils with different mixing materials such as sand particles as a rigid materials and EPS beads as an elasto-plastic materials were also examined. Based on a series of triaxial compression test with CT scanning for all the treated materials, the engineering properties of these treated soils were discussed. Finally, the deformable characteristic of the treated soil with tire chips was confirmed using X-ray CT scanning, which are visual CT images and the results after image processing analysis.

Key Words:Cement treated soil, Toughness, Scrap tire, Elasticity, Tri-axial compression test, X-ray CT scanner