Original Paper(Vol.61 No.10 pp.825-830)

Fatigue Characteristics of Concrete and Concrete Member Using Low Quality Aggregates

Shoichi INOUE, Tamotsu KURODA, Shinichiro TAKAI and Toshikatsu ONISHI

Abstract:This study investigates fatigue characteristics of concrete and reinforced concrete member using easily crushed limestone aggregates and low quality aggregates such as waste roof tiles and melt-solidified slag aggregate derived from municipal solid waste. From the experiments, the following results were obtained: (1) Under repetitive loading, the distribution of fatigue life of plain concrete that used these aggregates also are confirmed to a logarithmic normal distribution as well as concrete with normal aggregate. (2) The compression fatigue strength of concrete varies with type of aggregates used. The compression fatigue strength of concrete with limestone aggregate is higher compared to that of concrete with normal aggregate. It is lower than compression fatigue strength of concrete with normal aggregate although the compression fatigue strength of both concretes with waste roof tiles aggregate and with melt-solidified slag aggregates derived from municipal solid waste is nearly equal. (3) Reinforced concrete beams with these aggregates have shown nearly the same value of fatigue strength. Consequently, it comes into conclusion that the kinds of aggregates used in the concrete have hardly effect on the fatigue strength of reinforced concrete beams.

Key Words:Fatigue, Fatigue strength, Waste roof tile, Melt-solidified slag aggregate, Limestone aggregate, Reinforced concrete, S-N curve, Fatigue life