Original Paper(Vol.61 No.4 pp.335-340)

Effect of Anisotropy of Wood on Friction Characteristics under High Pressure Conditions

Masako SEKI, Takeshi NAKATANI, Hiroyuki SUGIMOTO, Tsunehisa MIKI, Kozo KANAYAMA and Yuzo FURUTA

Abstract:To investigate the friction characteristics between wood and metal tool under high pressure conditions, we analyzed the nominal friction coefficient between them in various normal pressures (1.1`11MPa). The effects of anisotropy of wood were examined by changing friction surfaces and sliding directions of wood samples. The wood samples were slid about 10mm. The results showed as follows. 1) The nominal friction coefficient behaviors varied according to normal loads and friction surfaces or sliding directions of the wood samples. 2) In longitudinal compression conditions, the nominal friction coefficient could be considered that there were no effects of the normal loads. In tangential or radial compression conditions, the nominal friction coefficient decreased as the normal load increased. The nominal friction coefficients of longitudinal direction were larger than that of radial direction in the edge grain friction surface. 3) By observation of friction surfaces after sliding, it appears that the nominal friction coefficients were more influenced by deformation force in the wood sample.

Key Words:Sliding friction, Anisotropy, Nominal friction coefficient, Deformation properties, High pressure conditions