Publication of English Paper In the Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan

Materials Science Research International (MSRI) was launched in March, 1995 with Vol.1, No.1.  Since then, the Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS) has distributed MSRI to all of its members worldwide, with Chapman & Hall taking the responsibility for overseas distribution. However, with the acquisition of Chapman & Hall by Kluwer Academic Publishers, it has become difficult to continue distribution of the journal overseas. The editorial board and the board of directors have discussed the overall issues related to this problem, and under the current circumstances, have decided to stop publishing MSRI, with the final issue being Vol.10, March 2004.
The board of directors has decided to newly include papers written in English (English paper) in the Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan, that included only papers written in Japanese so far.  English papers to the journal will be accepted form 1st July 2005. The editorial boards welcome the submission of English papers and are looking forward to the contribution.  Call for papers and sample format of English paper for preparing the submission are available in the JSMS website.  
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